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milestone reminders ‘So fast these moments fade’, it’s like Matt Rollings wrote this for me, only I can’t put this song in only one category of where I need it most in my life. Just when I think my tears have all dried, my soul is emotionless, or my mind has numbed to allowing memoriesContinue reading “Stay”

Please Join Me…Prayers for a Flipped Year

I am going to go ahead and say this outloud. I predict a flipped school year in 2021-22. Who will understand what I mean? I hope everyone who has a child, owns a business, attends events, teaches children, coaches a team, runs a restaurant…basically, I hope everyone will see this revolution unfold along with me.Continue reading “Please Join Me…Prayers for a Flipped Year”

Your Dad Would Just Be…

Your dad would just be…rolling his eyes, cracking up, slapping you silly, losing his mind, squeezing your neck, beaming with pride…this is an endless list. The amount of times I have said those words in this last year alone are countless and to some people, even annoying. I had someone tell me just yesterday thatContinue reading “Your Dad Would Just Be…”

Not a Burden, but a Blessing. Reflections of 2020…

Something about a year that is both epic, terrible, dreadful, life changing, and memorable to the entire world, yet it became a year of forced reflection for me and so many others. I don’t always see that as a bad thing. I am going to list both for my future self and for anyone whoContinue reading “Not a Burden, but a Blessing. Reflections of 2020…”

Sticks, Stones, and Perspective

Last Monday marked our first day back to our physical school building since spring break and all I could think about was how every other year some of the teachers would meet to walk the building and pray. This is a public school and while I’m sure not every parent would agree that it isContinue reading “Sticks, Stones, and Perspective”

What if I Woke Up One Day and You Were Here

I have dreamed about this moment. What Heaven will be like. I picture you around a fire pit with a dozen or so of your closest friends. It is for some reason a very diverse group. A collection, if you will, of the many people and cultures we grew to love together through sports families,Continue reading “What if I Woke Up One Day and You Were Here”

Grief’s Broken Compass

Proud to have been asked to contribute to Tulsa Moms! Grief’s Broken Compass by Jen Farley     St. Patrick’s Cathedral, NYC Lighting a candle for dad.   Nothing will make you more grateful for technology than a teen driver in your family. From plugging in an address to maps to tracking their locations, momContinue reading “Grief’s Broken Compass”