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Do you want to punch me?

Do You Want to PuNcH mE??

My sister, Ashley, often asks me this very questions. Like multiple times a week. Here’s when:
  • When we are at the salon and a sweet older gentleman is playing solitaire on his huge laptop while waiting for his dear wife to finish getting her nails done. He is carefully choosing each move, patiently waiting for her to be pampered.
  • When running through Walmart shopping for classroom supplies and I stop in my tracks in front of the sporting goods because it seems like we were just there buying a fishing license. 
  • When I take my oldest suit shopping and it doesn’t go smoothly the first time and we get home and he doesn’t know what’s wrong with him until we both realize we wish it wasn’t just our job.
  • When someone is griping about their sorry, no good husband for not helping them with something that seems suddenly trivial to me.
  • When someone wants to get in an ‘I’m so busy’ contest with another mom in front of me and I just sit and listen and try not to laugh (or cry…scream, maybe).
  • When my back door keeps sticking and I fix it myself.
  • When I have car trouble…even the slightest thing.
  • When it’s time for family or group pictures.
  • When I have to tell a hostess how many to seat at a restaurant.
  • When we are celebrating anniversaries. 
  • When my boys have a big win and most kids are taking pics with the dads/coaches.
  • When it’s almost Valentine’s day.
  • When I have to call her for reinforcements after I found an old picture and immediately forget something I wanted to tell him.
  • When I don’t have the right advice to solve a boy problem.
I could do this all day, but I won’t because Dolly said it best right after this scene…LAUGHTER THROUGH TEARS IS MY FAVORITE EMOTION. My sister knows how to break it down for me every time. Have I ever punched her? No, but she would take it! We are in a lifelong recovery process that I know gets easier every day…then some days you feel like you took a giant leap back too many steps. We know our way around things now that trigger tough emotions, but it’s the sneak attacks that are so hard. My desire is to see the good in every season. To seek and find favor in the Lord’s provisions. He is so faithful! To allow my boys to grieve naturally, and that it’s perfectly healthy for them to see me struggle. I can’t tell you how true this clip is for me. I have the GREATEST group of girlfriends anyone could ever ask for! They would each let me punch them square in the jaw if I needed to and I can think of some men who would allow it as well! Thank you from the bottom of my broken heart for seeing the needs when they arise and being willing to be there in a moment’s notice. My village is strong and mighty! We are blessed because of it!

Published by jjofarley

Mother of 3 handsome boys, we lost our main man suddenly on April 27th, 2015. We are grace-filled believers that are a walking example of God's love. I teach 7th graders STEM and chase these boys to every sports field I can!

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